We Are Bluewave

BlueWave Marine and Offshore stands poised to lead the way among ship agencies, crew management and offshore catering services into the 21st century. Bluewave Marine and Offshore maintains its position by employing highly qualified personnel and utilizing the latest technology available to assist each principal in the conduct of business.

BlueWave Marine and Offshore is committed to excellence in meeting the needs of the Ship-­‐Owner, Charterers, Shippers and Receivers. BlueWave Marine and Offshore continues to maintain the expertise necessary to provide an excellent service.


To strengthen our customers success 

We fully understand that our entire existence depend on our customers knowing that we deliver superior services. We want to be an important strategic partner, making sure that our services provide excellent value.

We want to go that extra mile that puts our customers ahead of the competition.

Our existence depends on having customers who value our services higher than those of our competitors. We aim to be a key partner for our customers and we want our services to add significant value for them. We put in the little bit of extra that keeps them ahead in the game.



Our vision is to be a strategic partner for our customers and a friend to our people.

We offer challenging work and excellent career opportunities for our people, and we love what we do. Ultimately, our customers’ success is our success. As strategic partners we work closely with our customers and constantly strive for innovation and improvement.

In BlueWave is not about how many ships we operate or how many offices we have. Those are only numbers, and the heart and soul of BlueWave is not size is how many satisfied partners we have forge in the course of our service to them

We believe that we will continue to grow and strengthen our position as long as we always aim to deliver the best.

Because when it comes down to it: It’s all about the people that Makes It Happens


We hope to work with you: +65 6742 0081